Freddy Carrasco GLEEM, with a shining sphere under the text.

By Freddy Carrasco

©2023 Carrasco & Peow / 978-91-87325-45-8 / PRINTED IN EUROPE/ 382 g.

”Ignatz Award Winner”

— 2020 SPX

”Doug Wright Award Winner”

— 2020 TCAF


Limited stock of the original PEOW publishing, with an extra full color section.

The steely coolness of humanity, the loneliness of the masses, and the comfort found in solitude. It blinds and reveals, hurts and heals. Brace yourself for what you’ll find on the other side of . . . Gleem.

Freddy Carrasco brings a new world to life in this collection of three stories ("Born Again," "Swing," and "Hard Body") that are science fiction, but not really.


216 p / 210 x 150 mm / Monocolor pantone softcover / Spot-gloss 4c dustjacket / bw interiors with 4 color sections

spread of gleem artwork
a black boy wearing a futuristic helmet