By Jean Wei

©2024 Jean Wei & Peow / 978-91-87325-41-0 / PRINTED IN LATVIA / 186 g.


A naked 8-foot fire-demon crash-lands in your field one hot summer night: What do you do? Well, if you're Auntie Ann and her grand-niece, Katy, you take them in, clothe them, and put them to work on your farm without a break in your stride. But why is Red actually there? What's eating at Auntie Ann? And most pressingly, can a fire-demon cook and egg simply by holding it?

Peow would say this is a great book for people who enjoy Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, but also want to have strong huge red demons on their farm and also glassblowing, more emotion, and really beautiful artwork.

Originally released in 2018, Heat is 116 pages, printed with three pantone spot colors, and a debossed cover, and was the first book Peow released working together with a guest editor, Zainab Akhtar.

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