By Patrick Crotty

and Mel Tow

and Michael Furler

©2024 / 978-91-87325-62-5 / PRINTED IN CHINA/ 201 g.


Tense Anniversary is a three part OVA set in the Internal Affairs universe, celebrating the tenth anniversary of Internal Affairs. Soft-Boiled detective story with brand new characters, a Friday night AW celebration with Tom & Egg, and a reunion dinner with the “Gang” from IA3 that devolves into a John Woo action scene. Plus the book has some bonus extra art from Diigii Daguna and Jongheon Jung. Yeah, this book is a big celebration of Internal affairs, but it also looks really nice. There’s holo-foil stamping on the cover, and we used neon red pantone ink for the interiors and it looks wild irl.

Is this the start of a next generation of Internal Affairs? We don’t know. And what the hell is up with the publisher on the spine? We don’t know what the hell that is either.

The rest of the series is available to read for free at

Bonus charm is sold out :/